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Visiting Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo

Parking Instructions

All participants must park in the H-14 parking lot upon entering the campus.  All materials and supplies brought with you on the day of the event mut be transporated on the shuttle. Parking and loading/unloading is prohibited in front of Rec Center. The H-14 parking lot indicated on the campus map is reserved for employer participants.  Campus permits will be required and will be issued by University Police Officials at the H-14 parking lot.  If you enter the campus on Grand Avenue and need directions to the H-14 lot, staff at the information kiosk can direct you to Highland Drive

Directions to H-14 Parking Lot

To enter the campus on Highland Drive, take the Highway 1 exit from the 101 Freeway.  Head North, toward Morro Bay.  Highland Drive is an intersection with a signal and is clearly marked as the entrance to Cal Poly.  Following the directional signs to campus parking, make a left turn on Via Carta and another left into the upper portion of the H-14 parking lot. There will be signs to direct and assist you.   

Shuttle and Transportation Service

The H-14 parking lot is some distance from Rec Center, shuttle and transportation service will be provided for you and your materials and supplies during the following times:

Time Details Location
8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Shuttle service available to Rec Center H-14 parking lot
12:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Shuttle service available to H14 parking lot Rec Center

Travel information:

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